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Brace Yourself: Bluebonnets & Sweetness


Brace Yourself: Bluebonnets & Sweetness

ashley cardoza

Nothing says springtime in Texas like BlueBonnet PIctures (and take note-- bluebonnets are flowers, not little bonnets of blue on darling girls!) I am dying over the bluebonnet pictures I quickly took the last weekend! Pre-Ellis, I didn't understand why everyone was dying to go out to hill country and take pictures of their family in the fields of blue. But then, I see this sweetness and HOW CAN YOU NOT?! 

Thinking of doing family photos in the spring flowers? Here are a few tips for getting good pictures of your kiddos! 

  1. Time of Day: I highly suggest going first thing in the am, when it's still not totally sunny, your kids can eat breakfast naked, and you can just do it before the morning nap. I had awesome luck with 3 kiddos under 2 at 9am. If you can't do before morning nap, go right after dinner before sunset! It's the golden hour. 
  2. Location: So what you don't see, is the highway is behind us. I had no desire to pack up a ton of littles and drive forever away to get pictures in the blues. Wherever you choose to take your pix, look at your surroundings (check for snakes), and decide what you want your backdrop to be. 
  3. Lighting: I can't urge you mommas & dad's enough - AVOID super super sunny open fields. But if you can't avoid it, face your kiddos away from the sun. Always pay attention to the squint factor. If they are squinting, its probably very bright out. So that ugly gray morning/day is the perfect day to get pictures out in the beautiful blues!
  4. Seating: I found that chairs are too high away from the flowers, opt for a low seat. I brought an old suitcase out. If you have an ugly green bathmat, bring it for them to sit on. Some kiddos hate the feeling of grass/bugs/dirt/life. 
  5. Be Courteous: Please be kind to the flowers. Sit your kiddos in the already matted areas. Don't be a trail blazer and ruin the patch. You'll see already walked on paths. Thats a good sign that is the place you want to set up shop and get photos. All the other mommas and photographers will be eternally grateful. 

I'm only a 3rd year veteran of bluebonnet pictures, but these are just basic things I remind myself every time I go out for photos. There are probably a TON more my photographer friends will add, but I'm all about easy, breezy, and quick.