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Easter Recap!

ashley cardoza

Normally I am all about busting out the big camera for a holiday, but Easter was started too early and ended way too late. My husband is a musician, so our Easter weekend means we are at Church for the better part of the weekend. Husband brag: I need to find a video of his solo he rocked and had too much fun with this weekend. He plays electric guitar, so he's a rockstar in my world.

Our first Easter was kind of a blur. As I said before, my husband is a musician, we are at Church for the most part. Our weekend starts Friday with Good Friday services and ends with the last Sunday service. While he only plays about 4 services, I have friends who are on stage for 13 services. I decided that I made Christmas magical, so Easter was going to be low key. I didn't make fun bunny pancakes, or do an Easter egg hunt with my crawler. We were up at 6am Easter morning. I had to do my hair (which as one of my friends pointed out " I almost didn't recognize you out of mom-mode" mental note: straighten hair more often), get us dressed and packed up for a day out. Holidays are hard in the sense that I have to mentally prepare myself that Ellis' nap schedule will be off. 

I think keeping Easter low-key will be my norm. I opted against any ham lunches. In fact I declared to my friends that I didn't want any traditional holiday food for Easter lunch. I love a good mashed potato & roasted meat meal, but momma wanted something fun. So we did Hibachi! It was the best. No one had to cook, no one had to clean, and Ellis was entertained. I managed to keep her awake so she would take an afternoon nap (so WE could nap- and nap we did). After the nap, I declared I wanted dessert crepes. Thank you for a husband who is willing to look past the fact I didn't cook once Easter day. (Crepes: Me- Apple Cinnamon Caramel, Husband - Smore's Both- scoop of ice cream, Ellis- Sliced bananas)  

Ellis: Cuteheads Vineyard Top , Gap Shorts, Willow Crowns, Freshly Picked