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The Parent's Playlist: Songs to Make You Feel All the Feelings

Chelsea Nelson


If you are anything like me, after becoming a parent, everything became a little bit more meaningful. I mean, I would catch myself crying at car and laundry detergent commercials...it got to be a bit ridiculous. While I have reeled in the superfluous crying (mostly), one thing that still rings true for me always is the attachment I have to music. Becoming a mother made that even stronger.

Side note: my baby's name is Clementine. While my husband and I both loved the name from the start, what sealed the deal was a quick Spotify search for "Clementine" songs. From Elliott Smith to The Decemberists - there were so many beautiful songs about "Clementine's", it made up my mind that the name was going to stick. I wanted my baby to have wonderful, delicious songs about "her." The songs my parents used to play for me (specifically Joni Mitchell's 'Chelsea Morning' covered by Neil Diamond) are an vivid and wonderful memory. I wanted to pass that on.

So, after compiling some of my favorite songs about parenthood, mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons - here are the ones that stick. The ones with meat. The ones that you might find will bring a tear to your eye. From the old and familiar, to the new and sweet - and even the punk rock. And, some that are just for a dance party in your front room. And yes, even one for my own Darling Clementine. Enjoy!