the basics - gear (newborn days and beyond)

Let me be honest, I was on a TIGHT budget for baby gear. I had my heart set on a few big ticket items, but when it came to the nursery (i'll get to that some day) and gear, I was all about borrowing & thrifting. I am thankful for the friends that let me borrow some items. I am MOST thankful for all the generous gifts that helped with the big items. 

  1. Diaper Bag - Truthfully, as much as I love this bag, I switch back and forth between my tote style purse and this bag. When Ellis was a newborn, I used this the most. Now I use it on days when she's going to child care at church. 
  2. Solly Baby Wrap - I used this up until Ellis was 3 months old! I LOVED it. It was something I didn't travel without in the beginning. But during the HOT months of summer, I just switched to my Ring Sling. But now my dear friend is borrowing it for her new babe! 
  3. Tiny Love - We have a low to the floor bed, so this was Ellis' bassinet! We loved it until she grew out of it! It was great for naps and her sleeping at night! It rocked, vibrated, sat up to a chair, and worked great for us! We borrowed this! 
  4. Lotus Travel Crib - Smaller than a Pack N Play, Lighter too. We love this. When out of town family asked what I needed most, I said amazon gift cards. I got enough amazon gift cards to pay for this! 
  5. Bob Stroller - We love this stroller for walks, the zoo, and running. What I don't love it for, shopping at the mall, traveling (I've flown with this 5 times), and just everyday errands. Its huge, but I still LOVE it. 
  6. Nursing Cover - Can I be honest. I liked it when Ellis was having latching issues, and wasn't all squirmy, and when she was tiny. I liked it when I wasn't a confident nurser. It was a safety net. But, after about 6 months of nursing, I mastered the art of layering and nursing discreetly without a cover. It's not EVERY mom's cup of tea. It was just too DAMN hot in Houston to nurse with a blanket over the two of us. Ps. I am not into all the floral nursing covers, so this was THE only one I wanted for the pattern. 
  7. Sophie the giraffe - LIFE.SAVER. seriously. Just spend the money or hope it's gifted. 
  8. Moccasins - I know they are super trendy right now. And I know some people may argue socks are better. I splurged and bought these for Ellis. They stayed on her feet much better than socks ever have. And I don't mind paying for quality if she's wearing them everyday, have great resale value, AND are super cute. 

What was some gear you were super obsessed with pre-baby, but then once you used it you were like "meh"? What is some gear you would gift to a new mom?