The Basics - Building a Wardrobe (newborn girl edition)

So I remember when I was pregnant, I had lots of fun shopping for clothes. I would mosey through the malls, thrift stores, & online. I asked all my momma friends what I needed for my new little one, and everyone gave me different answers. There were the minimalists (who had boys), there were the crafters (who could sew tons of cute little things), the practical, and then there was me. I knew I would need some essentials for the newborn days, but it wasn't until I had baby girl here that I realized what I NEEDED and what was really not that big of a deal. I had an April baby, meaning summer here in Texas. I also made it a point to get her out of pjs in the morning and get out (most days) to keep my sanity. I can't say if I was dressed, but she looked cute!

How I dressed my girl when she was in 0-3 months...

Going Home Outfit - Since we had Ellis at home the going home outfit was a first outfit. I chose something cozy that I found accidentally at a resale shop. It turned out to be a really sweet Etsy Find. 


What I would buy again:

  • Zip Up Sleepers // Carters & The Children's Place fit the best
  • Sleep Gowns (0-3 Month) // Target sold 2 packs in decent patterns
  • Leggings // Baby Gap have my favorite leggings & Target
  • Long Sleeve Onsies (Air conditioning!) // Baby Gap wins
  • Tank top onsies / Carters multi-packs were my go to
  • A Sweater of some sort in newborn/0-3 sized / Grey is always my first choice for basics
  • Socks or Moccasins // confession: I splurged on Freshly Picked Moccasins
  • 1-2 special outfits // take your pick  
  • 1 piece rompers // baby gap wins again (but here is another I would purchase)
  • Jersey knit tshirts // thrifted baby boden & peek shirts were my favorite

So of all those outfits in the photos, I maybe bought 1-2 things brand new. The rest were thrift stores, gifts, or hand-me downs. My personal favorite that I put Ellis in ALL THE TIME, the navy blue tank romper. It was soft jersey knit, perfect for home, perfect for out, and just the cutest. I would link up to a similar style, but Gap doesn't have one in stores right now. 

Some things that were silly to have:

  • baby skirts. they just look awkward on a baby laying down or scrunched up in a car-seat. Save your dollars for skirts when they are walking. 
  • Fancy shirts. 
  • Dresses. Sorry to say that, but honestly, spend the money on rompers/one pieces. 

*Sorry this post was so focused on the baby girl. I hope to sometime have a momma with a boy offer her thoughts!