Clementine's Golden First Birthday!

Well, now we have BOTH of our kiddo's first birthdays out of the way! Whew! What a whirlwind of emotion and events. It was epic, but I am glad we are moving on.

Clementine turned one on April 28 - just five days after Ellis. So, both Dress Your Kid mommas were in the throes of it. Ashley and I went back and forth on lots of ideas - and it is funny that we had so many similar components to our parties. But there were a few big differences!

Our venue was supposed to be the park: Picnic in the Park - with a Golden Birthday theme. However, when we were looking at a 80% chance of rain in Salt Lake City, we decided last minute, to move the party to our home. I wasn't sure how we were going to fit 40 ish people in our house, but after moving some furniture and opening the garage for seating, it all turned out ok. We ended up setting up different stations in different rooms, and it all worked out! Note: do not freak out over these things - IT ALL WORKS OUT! My only regret: I wish we had gotten photos of everyone that attended, especially all the kiddos. There were so many fun little people running around!

We also chose not to have professional photos taken at the party because we had a first birthday photo shoot a few weeks prior. So, these photos are mostly from everyone's phones! I am fine with it though, because I got to live the party, rather than viewing it from behind my camera. Stay tuned for Clementine's first birthday photo shoot in another post coming soon!


Party Details:

Theme: Golden Birthday (gold and black with pink accents, vintage flair, arrows, flag banners).

Smash Cake and Cupcakes: Cupcakes by Kasthuri - all organic and low sugar. Local baker in Salt Lake City.

Cupcake Toppers: Ashley sent me the arrow toppers by mail (thank you!), and the pink flag toppers were purchased at Michaels Crafts and then accented with gold pen.

Memory Book Table: In lieu of gifts, we asked people to come prepared with a memory, photo, or words of wisdom for our birthday girl. People really jumped the challenge and her book was completely filled with all of these things! It was the best thing that we did and she will have that book to look at for the rest of her life. I had the book handmade and custom ordered.

Food: I did not want to worry about cooking anything, so we catered -- Boars Head sandwiches and veggie tray from Harmons Local Grocer. My mom made her famous potato and macaroni salads and we had individual chip bags. We also had a huge carafe of mimosas for the parents, a cooler full of kid's drinks for the kids, donuts, and cupcakes.

Activities: Since we weren't at the park as planned, we ended up making a table for the kids with coloring books and bubbles. We also had a bubble machine, which was a huge hit! The kids danced around the bubbles for hours.

Decor: I crafted NONE of it. Ashley sent me those few items, but the rest were purchased - mostly from Zurchers and Michaels Crafts. I had to really look to find elements that weren't cheesy or too themed. I ended up finding a section of vintage-themed party stuff, and that was perfect. The beautiful glittered "Clementine" sign and round patterned vintage party fans were my favorites. I also loved the arrow light that added a special flair to the memory book table (similar to this one here).

Clementine's Outfit: Purchased on Esty, Sweetly Carolina Shop - two tunics with golden "ONE" on them. One black (that we used for the professional photos), and the white one she wore at her party. We had to put a onesie on underneath due to the colder weather, but the Willow Crown headband really made the outfit (gifted from Ashely and Ellis).

Venue: our little home - and it was perfect!

Happy birthday to my little human. You are the best thing.