Spring Break (without the break)

It seemed like to a good idea at the time. Let's take a mommy weekend trip, we said. It will be awesome, we said. And you know what, it was pretty spectacular. Two moms, three kids under 3, and an empty beach full of retired snowbirds. So we packed up the suburban, packed it willy nilly, squeezed 3 carseats across, typed in South Padre, and hit-the-road. We fully believe that the hand of God was on the first 3.5 hours. The stars aligned, and all 3 kiddos slept all the way to Corpus Christy. And the gloriousness of kids strapped down and sleeping is uninterrupted mom conversations (aside from husbands calling because they can't live life without us *hah*). We only had to bust out the ipad for the last leg of the trip. 

The beach was magic. I am a baby when it comes to going to the beach. I don't like getting sandy. You find sand for weeks after a trip. And the fine sand of South Padre just about gets into every crevice. The excitement you have walking onto the beach isn't the same excitement you feel leaving. Nobody wants to leave the beach, ever. Lets just say, after we left the beach, trudged back to the car, fed the kiddos lunch, mommas crashed on the couch and napped during nap time. Before the tragedy of saying goodbye to the "OSH" (the nickname the twins gave the Ocean), here is kid magic!

Gosh. Those twins are the best. One thing I've learned hanging with toddlers 24/7 for a weekend. They are tiring. I was tired at the end of the day just from hanging out with them. So to all the mommas with toddlers out there, you guys have the hardest job, but you make it look so easy. And twin moms, you seriously are the ones I want to learn from the most. You show what its like to have to let go on the idea you can control. 

You're probably wondering where my gal fits into this day? Oh you know, she just napped the whole morning we were at the beach. So I only was able to snap a few photos of my gal experiencing her first real beach day. 

PS. I loved having the Lotus Crib at the beach! It was easy to set up, and without the heavy bottom, it was an easy cleanup! 

PS. I loved having the Lotus Crib at the beach! It was easy to set up, and without the heavy bottom, it was an easy cleanup! 

Beach Packing List for 3 under 3:

  1. A sun hat: Even my little brunette needs to be protected from harmful rays. I love the iplay hat! I bought mine last summer in the size 6mos-18 mos when my gal was still in newborn size. It was crazy big last summer, but it had a cinch to make it fit. And this year, it magically fits and I am not scrambling to find a hat on sunny days. 
  2. Baby powder (talc free): Baby powder is magic for sand. I don't know where I read it, but when you're trying to get sand off your kid, rub them down with magic powder and voila! The sand comes off, and your kid is moisture/sand free. 
  3. Travel Crib: LOVED having this so my gal could nap! I left the bottom at the hotel, and just let her have blankets and towels in it to stay sand free until I was ready.
  4. Sand Toys: Don't be that mom who goes to the beach with a toddler and no toys. I've learned first hand, they will longingly look at another kid's toys and wonder why his mom didn't think to bring toys. They only need a bucket, shovel & lots of sand!
  5. Sunscreen: Choose what you want! But I love Babyganics! Put sunscreen on your kiddo! 
  6. Rash Guard: For the fairer skinned kiddos, long sleeve rash guards are your best bet! Even on the hottest days, they will still be wet, so they won't over heat. 
  7. Sunglasses: If they will keep them on, protect their eyes! 
  8. Not Pictured: Blanket, Snacks, lots of water, patience, energy, a good watch, and the knowledge of knowing when you're about to have meltdowns. But, the less you pack the less you have to carry (if you don't have helping hands).
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