Holiday Outfit Round-Up

Christmas is over. (insert sad face) It's been over for almost a month, and I STILL haven't started to take down Christmas. Pretty sure our stockings are still hung with gifts that we haven't started using yet.  I also confess that the guest bed, which is in the nursery, is also used as a laundry catch-all. So currently, some of Ellis' Christmas outfits are still laundered and living life in limbo. I never was a fan of "themed" outfits, then I had a baby girl. As soon as December 1 hit, I went bananas in trying to make sure she was dressed in Red's, Silvers, Grays, Golds & buffalo plaid (lots and lots of buffalo). Here's a little December round-up. 


Crazy enough, this isn't all the holiday "themed" clothes she had! You can see a theme, Red, Plaid, Gray & Gold. Most of the items were from Carters, Baby Gap, Hand-me-downs, & thrift store purchases. These Christmasy outfits can outlast the Christmas Tree stuff, unless she outgrew it. The Red Cord Dress (Classic Ralph Lauren) can be pulled out for a fancy Valentines Day outfit. The Buffalo Plaid Dress (ANOTHER Ralph Lauren Classic that I found at a thrift store), I will make her wear once more for Valentines day. The rest of the gray stuff can be worn with anything really! What I learned this last season, it's not the quantity of outfits its how you assemble them. That gray marled dress has been worn LOTS of times. Its such an easy cozy outfit to throw tights or leggings on with.

The Items:

  • Gray Marled Dress & Red Tights // Baby Gap (If you wait until the end of season sale, you can stock up for next year)
  • Buffalo Plaid Scarf, Hair Bow // My Blessed Blooms (etsy)
  • Red Dresses (Buffalo Plaid & Cord) // These were lucky finds at thrift stores. They are Ralph Lauren, and they are CLASSICS. I predict around November you could visit your local shops and find one similar. The Red Cord dress is at least 3 years old. 
  • Gray Cable Cardigan // Baby Gap (Thrift store find)
  • Deer Skirt, Buffalo Button Up, and PJS // Carters (the grey deer skirt is on clearance. I have seen them at Kohls as well) 
  • Sherpa Vest // Thrifted last summer, its Baby Boden. I saw it on Pinterest and obsessed over it. So the resale shop fairy godmother was with me when I found it. 
  • Buffalo Bloomers // I reused the bloomers from her dress as pants (Texas was still hot in december)
  • Chambray Shirt // Baby Gap You will see a lot of that shirt, its my go to for almost any outfit. 
  • Painted Deer Onesie // DIY gift from friend