Dress For 4th Of July!


I swore up and down I wouldn't do matchy matchy outfits when I had kids. SWORE. Then I had my 2nd daughter, and matching her with big sister made my heart happy. Now that I am 3 girls in, matching on Sundays and Holidays is my jam. Sometimes I can do the same outfit x3, and other times I coordinate. My top holidays for matching the girls are: Christmas, Easter, & 4th of July (in that order). I totally fell in LOVE with the Old Navy Plaid Poplin dress and this for the girls! 

Real talk: we have a TON of hand me downs, so I try not to buy a ton of new stuff when I can. If you've collected things over the years with all your kiddos, there's no shame in coordinating what you already own. (click bolded text to see examples)

Some staples I always have on hand for my girls include :

  1. Chambray anything
  2. White or Navy Blue shirts/dresses
  3. Red Hair Accessories
  4. Denim shorts

Some staples you may or may not have for boys include:

  1. Navy or Red T-shirt
  2. khaki shorts
  3. navy or gray or red sweat shorts
  4. Chambray anything

If you have any combo of those items, you too can pull together a festive outfit for your kiddos. If you're still searching for easy & affordable 4th of July outfits, I have gathered my online favorites. You can shop the post down below the collage. 

Artboard 1 copy4thofJuly.jpg

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